3849RBYSECU22CAM-0R2 Non-Hazardous

£512.00 plus VAT

  • Quantum 3800 Series
  • Resin Enclosure
  • 2x XT-90 Switches
  • 2x M25 Conduits
  • Standard Shaft
  • Momentry Override

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Country of Origin: US


3849RBYSECU22CAM-0R2 Westlock Controls Quantum Control Monitor, 3800 Series, Grilamid Enclosure, Black / Yellow Beacon Indicator, Standard Shaft, 2 x M25 Conduit Entries, 2 x Magnum XT90 Hermetically Sealed Proximity Switch SPDT Tungsten Contacts pre-wired to 8 point Terminal Strip along with 24VDC Coil. Unit fitted with 316 Stainless Steel Falcon II Solenoid Valve, 1.1cv, 3/2 Way with 1/4″NPT Ports fitted with a Momentry Manual Override . Unit for a General Purpose (Safe Area) Application.

3849RBYSECU22CAM-0R2 CAM = Momentry Manual Override

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If mounting this unit onto an actuator you will also require an additional mounting kit. Because we are committed to providing quality products we are pleased to be able to offer Westlocks very own mounting kits. These are available in 3 size options.

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