9479SBY2B2M0600 Explosionproof Monitor

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  • Aluminium Enclosure
  • Black and Yellow Beacon
  • 2x XT-90 Magnum Switches
  • 2x 3/4″ NPT (F) Conduits
  • Standard Shaft
  • NEC

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The Westlock 9479SBY2B2M0600 Explosionproof monitor provides consistent and accurate valve monitoring. Within a compact NEC certified unit.

This 9479SBY2B2M0600 series unit comes with an aluminium enclosure topped with a black and yellow beacon. It contains; 2x XT-90 magnum switches (SPDT) with tungsten contacts. These are pre-wired into an 8 point terminal strip. This unit also comes with 2x 3/4″ NPT (F) conduits and a standard shaft. Area classification is (NEC 500) Class I Division 2 Groups A B C & D/T4 Ta = 60*C.

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