9479NBY2B2M0600 Westlock Explosionproof Monitor

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The Westlock 9479NBY2B2M0600 Explosionproof rotary monitor is ideal for both manual and automated rotary valves. This is because it provides consistent and accurate valve monitoring within a compact unit.

This 9479NBY2B2M0600 series unit comes with an aluminium enclosure topped with a black and yellow beacon. It contains 2x XT-90 magnum switches (single pole double throw) with tungsten contacts. These are pre-wired into an 8 point terminal strip. This unit also comes with 2x 3/4″ NPT (F) conduits and a namur shaft. Agency Approvals Area classification is (NEC 500) Class I Division 2 Groups A B C & D/T4 Ta = 60*C.

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If mounting this unit onto an actuator you will also require an additional mounting kit. Because we are committed to providing quality products. We are pleased to be able to offer Westlocks very own mounting kits. These are available in 3 size options. To view these kits simply click HERE

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